7 things to know before your first backpacking trip – advice from seasoned travellers

This to know before your first backpacking trip - advice from seasoned travelers

“Every pro was once an amateur. Every expert was once a beginner. So dream big and start now. “ Basically you have to start somewhere. We don’t all have a magical crystal ball telling us the right path to go on. But we do have the wisdom of those who have gone before us. We all…

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10 Mistakes 1st Time Backpackers Make (and how to avoid them)

10 mistakes backpackers make

The first trip you take abroad will certainly be an eye opening experience. You will see things you never imagined you’d see, eat things you’ve never tasted before and learn so many new and wonderful things. But there are some things you need to learn before you get on that plane. You’re going to make…

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Travel Safety Special (Podcast)

Travel Safety Special - Podcast

Travel Safety Special Episode 017: We speak to Phil from World Nomads about staying safe abroad Listen NOW! Subscribe on iTunes WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK We love to hear from listeners about how we can improve the show or what you love about it already. You can email us using the contact form in the footer of…

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9 Tips on how to eat Asian street food And NOT get sick

Spewing on your poop is not an ideal travel experience. Asian street food has a reputation for making foreigners sick. After 14 months of travel in Asia and only a couple of instances of mild diarrhoea, we’ve maintained a pretty solid system (pun) for avoiding getting sick from eating street food. We’d like to share…

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16 Asian Taxi scams (and how to beat them)

Kolkata Ambassador Taxi Yellow

Taxi drivers all over Asia know how to extort foreigners, and locals. We’ve encountered our fair share of Asian taxi scams but North Indian taxi drivers are by far the most sneaky. Even the most experienced traveller can easily fall prey to some of the lesser used tricks. Not all of these are hardcore scams…

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The Ultimate Guide to Homestay: For Travellers and Backpackers

The ultimate guide to homestays

Accommodation cheaper and cleaner than a hostel? Often with food included and comprehensive local knowledge to help you get the most out of your travel experiences? It’s time to go Homestay. Staying with a local is the latest grass roots adventure to harness the power of the internet. Many millions of homestays can now be…

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A Very Short Introduction to Couchsurfing! Cultural exchange and free accommodation around the globe.

A short introduction to couchsurfing

Chances are if you have done some budget travel you will at least have heard of Couchsurfing, if not tried it. But with a community so far of just 5 million people worldwide it seems likely that there are still a lot of travellers missing out on the valuable experiences and cost cutting benefits that…

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5 Ways to drink cheaply no matter what country you’re in

5 ways to drink cheaply - in any country

The biggest box of wine ever! If you like a lot of beer or can’t start the day without a coffee then you are going to have to factor that into your travel budget… Drinking in developed countries can get quite expensive, but there are always cheap options: Even in Australia (Where the pubs are…

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