Backpacking 4 Beginners: Money Saving & Safety Bundle

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We've compiled the best of our knowledge into 3 guides focused on helping first time backpackers understand all the ways they can save money on the road and stay safe.

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In This Bundle

"Spend Less Backpacking" - A Beginners Guide to Affordable Travel

Get your pre-trip foundation. This guide will walk you through all of the major factors that can make or break your backpacking budget and how to spend less on them.

  • The "No cheats and tricks" everyday method to finding the cheapest flights.
  • How to travel overland cheaper than taking the bus - No hitchhiking necessary.
  • Practical solutions for never spending more than $10 a day on food, while always eating authentic, local meals.
  • The two "Day One" rookie mistakes that will cost more than the price of this book if you don't know how to avoid them.
  • The secrets to finding private rooms for less than staying in a hostel dorm.
  • How to find free and discounted entry to attractions all over the world.
  • The 10 useless items backpackers waste money on and shouldn't buy in the first place.

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"Travel Safety 101" - Stay safe traveling, a backpackers handbook

Avoid dangers, food poisoning and being a target of crime. Scammers and criminals prey on inexperienced travelers. Learn how to spot scams and problems, before they happen, and travel with confidence.

  • Safety for Solo Travelers - both male and female
  • The "Back to Basics" method for avoiding almost any scam
  • Simple techniques to reduce your chances of being mugged
  • Hostel secrets - Keep yourself and your valuables safe while you sleep
  • Eat & Drink safely - Avoid getting sick

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"Bartering 4 Backpackers" - Step by step guide on how to barter like a pro to save money

Discover our concise and straightforward techniques for getting a better price on almost anything while traveling. You are almost certain to make your money back on the price of this book within a few attempts of using these methods.

  • Learn the most powerful barter tips that work almost every time
  • How to barter to save money on accommodation
  • Get prices as low as 10% of the original asking price at street markets in developing countries
  • Barter for discounts on your travel gear, before you even leave home.
  • Especially good for backpackers visiting Asia, South/Central America & Africa.

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Author: Tommo J Williams
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