10 Mistakes 1st Time Backpackers Make (and how to avoid them)

10 mistakes backpackers make

The first trip you take abroad will certainly be an eye opening experience. You will see things you never imagined you’d see, eat things you’ve never tasted before and learn so many new and wonderful things. But there are some things you need to learn before you get on that plane. You’re going to make…

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10 Best Travel Gifts 2015

Best Travel Gifts 2015

Collect memories, not things! It’s the ultimate traveler Moto. And while it is true, it doesn’t mean that any traveler wouldn’t love you forever for getting them the hottest piece of travel gear on the market. But what is the must have and best travel gifts 2015? It can be tricky buying gifts for backpackers.…

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6 Tips to Making Friends & Being a Fucking Legend at Your Hostel

6 Tips to making friends at your hostel

Good Times + Crazy Friends = Amazing Memories! Unless you’re a super duper extrovert, who seems to collect friends as easily as you collect belly button lint, you might be a little daunted about making friends while traveling. Never Fear newbie traveler! It’s way easier than you think. And if you follow our tips, you’ll…

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How our $7,254.20 trip cost under $1,000. Blogging for Free Travel (PODCAST)

How our $7,254.20 trip cost under $1,000 - blogging for free travel (podcast)

Blogging for free travel Podcast Episode 040: How our $7,254.20 trip cost under $1,000. Blogging for Free Travel Listen NOW! Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe on Stitcher Radio RSS:Use this link in your RSS reader WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK We love to hear from listeners about how we can improve the show or what you love…

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7 Reasons You Should NEVER Travel

7 reasons you should NEVER travel

So you’re about to go on your first ever backpacking trip? Never been out of your home country? About to throw yourself into the great unknown? DON’T DO IT! You might think we are completely insane – but hear us out! We have, together, been to over 80+ countries, we’ve seen some of the wonders…

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$22 a day: The costs of 2 years of travel, explained (Budget Special Podcast)

$22 a day: The cost of 2 years travel explained

Budget Special Podcast Episode 027: How it costs less to travel full time than stay home & $5 Prizren Podcast Listen NOW! Subscribe on iTunes WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK We love to hear from listeners about how we can improve the show or what you love about it already. You can email us using the contact…

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What backpack do you need to go travel?

There are a million backpacks out there. Which is right for you? In this article we are going to show you how to choose a backpacking pack. We’ll cover the basic questions you need to be thinking about before you decide on a backpack. First, take the quick quiz to decide which type of backpack…

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How to eat cheaply (but well) in any country

Food can chew up a massive part of your budget. Some of us love to try local cuisine when we travel. Others are happy to spend their travel dollars on non-eating experiences and just live off instant noodles. If you do want to try and balance getting authentic, local food with not breaking the bank,…

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How to save money For a trip: 3 Stage savings booster plan

How to save money for a trip? The problem is the same for everyone. Cutting back to save money for travel, faster, means giving up things you like. But, what if the saving process could be maximised, without feeling like you have to become a hermit and miss out on life. We personally (Tommo &…

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