7 Reasons You Should NEVER Travel

7 reasons you should NEVER travel

So you’re about to go on your first ever backpacking trip? Never been out of your home country? About to throw yourself into the great unknown?


You might think we are completely insane – but hear us out! We have, together, been to over 80+ countries, we’ve seen some of the wonders of the world. But we are telling you right now – get out while you still can…

Here’s our 7 reasons why you should NEVER travel!

You will piss of your friends who didn’t go travel with you

Yes you won’t know this, but so many people will start blocking your FaceBook account. Because, although they are happy that you are traveling – it will always suck so much more that they are not traveling!

Not only do they have to see your fantastic journey in images you post all over Instagram, but when you return home they have to listen to all the stories of the kick ass adventures you had while they went to work, and watched an entire Cake Boss marathon on TV.

No one should ever have this amount of fun!

Control yourself people! Don’t you remember Footloose and the dangers of too much fun?

Reasons why you should never travel

We were put on this earth to work hard, pay taxes and die. None of this “fun” mumbo jumbo! The thing is, by traveling you are instantly putting your self into a potentially ‘fun’ situation. Play it safe – stay at home. Perhaps take up a hobby, like toenail collecting, stamps or complaining about politics.

You will waste all your spare time daydreaming about, or planning, your next trip.

And waste time when you’re really meant to be working or studying too – it’s an epidemic! You’ve seen people with their work spaces covered in pictures of tropical beaches or mountain tops. Yep they traveled. And look at them now! Daydreamers, escapists and crazy motivated folk, who are saving and planning their next epic adventure.

Perhaps they are plotting how they can live a Travel Freedom lifestyle. There are people that do it everyday. As the best selling author and entrepreneur Seth Godin says:“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.” 

Do you really want to be like these people? Planning to travel forever? Think About it….

You could become addicted to collecting new things.

Postcards from every city you visit, fridge magnets or flags. Patches, maps or even snow globes (yep I know someone that collects snow globes). Our friend Ben Fan is collecting World Heritage and Unesco sites visited. He’s already well over 500 – someone help this poor man!

Soon he will have visited them all, then what will he do with the rest of his life? He’ll have to do something else travel related or even “fun” and we all know how dangerous fun is.

It will change your view on the world

This is the opposite of becoming addicted to collecting souvenirs. Being addicted to collecting memories.



You will get to see and experience things, previously only accessible through a T.V. screen. You will meet new, fascinating people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. You will open your eyes to the insane amounts of good in this world – contrary to what most news reports will have you believe about the world today.

All of this and more you will start collecting the minute you start to travel – is it worth the risk?

You will forever be drooling over the memory of amazing food you had while abroad – that no one seems to make in your home town.

This could almost be the worst of all! Having your taste buds opened to the culinary delights of the world is not something easily forgotten. You could perhaps begin to experience sensations of hunger and desire for that steamed dumpling you had one time in China.

reasons you should never travel

Xiaolongbao in Shanghai, China

Or perhaps the amazing pizza you tried in Naples Italy – the birthplace of pizza.

reasons you should never travel

Or drool worthy salbutes in Merida Mexico


Or worst of all! A delicious curry by the side of the famous Ganges river in Varanasi India – reportedly one the oldest living city in the whole world.

reasons you should never travel

Trust us – the memory of these dishes will haunt you for the rest of you life. Making you drool glands go into overdrive every time you get a whiff of a similar smell. And if you do buy a similar dish in your home town, it just never lives up to the standards you remember – it’s a curse!

You Will Want To Travel Forever!

reasons why you should never travel

Yes, you will most likely come home on a high, excited and amazed by all you’ve experienced. And then the thought hits you…”there is still so much to see – I must see it ALL!”  And well by then it’s too late for you. The travel bug has burrowed itself under your skin, and no amount of ignoring or nicotine patches will get rid of it’s itch.

So what do you do about it?

Some people choose to work hard, save up their money, for their next 2 weeks off work. Just so they can hit the road again and see more of the world. Which is fine for some – but there are people a little more addicted to travel than others. Some that want to pack their bags, kiss their mom on the cheek, and say goodbye until the money runs out…

Which plenty of people do – and love it.

But what if the money doesn’t ever have to run out? 

What if you can do exactly what Seth Godin was talking about and create a life you don’t need to escape from? A life of travel?

Here’s a newsflash for you. People do it every single day! Hell! Me, the author of this article – I chose to live this Travel Freedom life and have done since April 2013. I live permanently on the road – and I can teach you to do it too!

So, if you think one backpacking trip and then settling down forever should not be your future. It doesn’t have to be.

Would you like to discover travel freedom, a location independent lifestyle where you work online and earn enough to live all over the world? With a cost of living less than staying home. Maybe you’d just like to spend summers at home and 4 months of winter working from a beach in the tropics?

Location independence is not just about travel or being nomadic. It’s about freedom and choice. The best thing is, you can always go home. You could travel for 10 years and then never travel again. It really is up to you.

If travel freedom sounds like a reality you’d like to move to, get a free copy of our “Location Independence Action Plan” and learn the 10 step method we used to transform our lives and be truly free!




  • Sarah

    July 13, 2015

    Cute piece! Definitely feel the same.

  • kami

    July 14, 2015

    I feel like this post is all about me 😀 I’m exactly the person you wrote about 😉 but I can’t help it, once the travel bug got you there’s no way back, it really is better not to travel 😉

  • Gemma

    August 3, 2015

    These are all so true! The thought of going back to the UK and living a normal life scares me! Now I’m in New Zealand and working, saving and dreaming of my next trips, so many places, so little time!